Golden shovels

The golden shovel is a poetic form created quite recently by the poet Terrance Hayes. It takes another poet's poem - either the whole piece or some choice lines - and uses its words as the end words of the lines of a new poem. So if you read down the right-hand side, just the last words of each line, of the golden shovel poem, you will be reading the poem that inspired it. But the golden shovel poem is also a poem in itself, one that pays tribute to, but also expands, develops or even completely changes, the meaning of the original.

Throwing Stones in 2020

throwing stone

After A Stone’s Throw Away by Paul Weller

News just in
of last year’s protests starting again in Chile
And hundreds of thousands massing in
the city streets for women’s rights in Poland
Burned-out squatters turning out in Johannesburg

Not In School Today

Youth climate strike poster

After Earth Beat by Paul Weller

Her banner has a planet on, she’s
carrying resistance and insisting that the
government takes action for a new
start for a cleaner, greener future from today.

Reprise Her

girl with long hair

After Liza Radley by Paul Weller


While others despise her, Liza
that’s short for Elizabeth – Radley,
I madly admire her, I see
her dance and I yearn for the
stance and the world of the girl
labelled wrong, who has grown with
a mind of her own and I long
not to be scared and to dare to do that with my hair.

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