16: The Age Of Discontent - a ranting, rhyming, revolting review of the year

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  1. Sandbags and Gladrags
  2. Rachman’s Heirs
  3. Tell Me Jeremy
  4. Man in the Border Post
  5. Clean for the Queen?
  6. Haiku series: International Working Women’s Day
  7. Zero Hours
  8. Change Here Please
  9. Wondering Eyes
  10. Autism Bewareness Month
  11. The Barred List at the Half Moon, Herne Hill
  12. Queen Vic (Let’s Do It)
  13. Zac and the Whistle
  14. Crazed Loner
  15. Not Like Us
  16. Haiku: Exit Left?
  17. I Write This Poem With a Heavy Heart
  18. Love Labour’s Lost
  19. I Will Be With You, Whatever
  20. Her Name is Reeva
  21. If You Can’t Beat ’Em, Cheat ’Em
  22. The Strike Train
  23. The Eleventh Commandment
  24. The Sexism Olympics
  25. #labourpurge2
  26. Bodily Fluids Interception Team
  27. Haiku: Eleven Plus
  28. How to Bring Back the Hunt
  29. From Alex, 6 Years Old
  30. R-SOL: Rejection for Speakers of Other Languages
  31. 21 October 1966
  32. Memento Mori
  33. Pro Patria Mori
  34. Rudolf the Unionised Reindeer

Now with supplement ...

  1. Babyface
  2. Bojo Logic
  3. Kids in Crates
  4. Thick Racists
  5. Hallelujah President Trump
  6. Royals in Need
  7. Liberation
  8. Seasonal Solidarity

And it was a tour ... until Janine was diagnosed with cancer and had to cancel it (boo). Cancelled dates are preserved below for posterity.



Janine Booth’s ranting, rhyming, revolting review of the year

From the EU referendum to the Chilcot report, the floods to Oscar Pistorius, from the Queen’s birthday to the attempted dethronement of Jeremy Corbyn – 2016 is a huge year in politics and society. All these and many more issues are chronicled in performance verse by ranting lefty poet Janine Booth.


Funny, biting and original.
Francesca Martinez

A one-woman riot.
Joelle Taylor

Utterly magnificent.
Phill Jupitus


POSTPONED '16: The Age of Discontent at Dead Island Poets Society, Ramsgate

29/11/2016 - 19:00

Due to impending surgery, this event has been postponed. Watch this space for rescheduled date!

Janine's ranting, rhyming, revolting review of the year hits the Kent coast.

Featuring open mic slots too.

Venue: ​The Ravensgate Arms, ​56-58 King Street, Ramsgate CT11 8NY



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