Trade unions

Workers' self-defence starts with getting unionised at work. This section includes material on the trade union struggles and issues I am involved in and/or urge you to support!

Disability Officer's report to RMT London Transport Regional Council, October 2015

  • LUL Fit for the Future Stations Equality Impact Assessment
  • Disability discrimination cases in LUL
  • Employers' disability policies
  • Proposed employment policy on Autism
  • RMT training
  • Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC)
  • UK Disability History Month
  • UN to investigate UK government
  • Access to Work survey
  • WOW petition


Just before the Sun raises its head above the parapet
One side of the sky is light, the other horizon dark

We stand by a tree whose trunk has a carpet of decorous lichen on one side
The other side plain and furrowed with bare and turreted bark

The road was deserted for most of the night, but now that the traffic is starting
The middle of the highway is no longer a safe place to stand


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