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Remember Shahrokh Zamani! Iranian workers’ solidarity fundraiser

Submitted by Janine on Sun, 08/11/2015 - 10:26
Event Date
Saturday, 28th of November '15 to Saturday, 28th of November '15

Union Tavern, Kings Cross, WC1X 9AA

On September 13 jailed Iranian trade unionist and socialist Shahrokh Zamani was found dead in his prison cell.

As well as being a tragedy, Shahrokh’s death was a blow to workers’ struggles in Iran and internationally – and a reminder of the need for continued, and intensified, solidarity with the Iranian working class.

East London Night of Resistance

Submitted by Janine on Sat, 17/10/2015 - 15:33
Event Date
Wednesday, 28th of October '15

King Edward V11, 47 Broadway,Stratford, E15 4BQ

A chance to meet, discuss, network and socialise and understand more about the housing crisis. This evening is organised by Focus E15 campaign and the East London Radical Assembly.

Entertainment will include: