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Punk in Drublic

15/10/2021 - 19:30

Janine returns to the award-winning Punk in Drublic, to regale Manchester with her ranting, rhyming and revolting. All door fees go to Mustard Tree Homelessness charity.

Venue to be confirmed.

Glastonwick online

05/06/2021 - 14:00

Gutted that we have to wait another year to meet again at Coombes Farm, but Saturday 5 June will mark the second postponement with the next best option - online, fund raising for Southwick's new community all-ages football club, Southwick 1882 FC. History below!


The line-up so far ...

Down and Up with the Mighty Posh

Posh going up

We only needed a draw.
We didn't even need to score
unless we let one in.
We didn't even need to win,

Just make sure they didn't.
The point the draw would have given
and the two it would take away
from the rivals we happened to be playing that day

would have been enough.
Surely an ask that's not too tough.
Surely a task even we couldn't fluff.

I've Got Your Number

money in pocket

My profit margin's wracked with doubt
My tax demands encumber
I think I know a good way out -
Now, where is Johnson's number?

I manufacture hoovers, mate,
but with a bit of luck
I'm sure I'll make them ventilate
and blow instead of suck

I'll slip the goods through Pirate Bay
and ship them up the Humber
While Customs look the other way -
Now, pass me Johnson's number

Online Launch: Unprecedented Rhymes!

29/04/2021 - 19:30

Janine launches her new collection of covid compositions with an hour (or maybe a little more) of verses versus the virus.

There will also be a contribution from special guest The Repeat Beat Poet - not to be missed! And there will be a presentation from the Safe and Equal campaignm, which has helped workers to win full sick and isolation pay during the pandemic.


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