Narrative Verdict

I rise to call my first dead witness
Counsel may contest his fitness
for his part to testify
to tell you how he came to die
He leads a host of souls to tell
their stories from a bitter well
of negligence and ignorance
of culpable indifference
An inquest has been held for each
but now this hearing must impeach
the system which we'll hear has let them

Coffee Stop

coffee cup

This café is definitely aimed at the older consumer 
It's just up the road from the streamside retirement apartments
And over the street, the mobility vehicle shop.

And it's called Cosy Corner.

When you open the door, it knocks a small bell which ting-tings
And everyone there turns their head round and looks straight at you
When somebody leaves, every person there says a goodbye.

Thoughts and Prayers

Thoughts and Prayers

Racist terror
thoughts and prayers
Basest error
thoughts and prayers
Crossing, drowning
thoughts and prayers
Solemn, frowning
thoughts and prayers

Thoughts and prayers
and sad reactions
Thoughts and prayers
but rarely actions


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