Poeting at the launch of Leeds NEU

Leeds NEU Launch
14/06/2019 - 19:30

Venue: The Faversham,1-5 Springfield Mount, Leeds LS2 9NG

Leeds NEU (National Education Union) is hosting a party at the newly-refurbished Faversham to celebrate the amalgamation of the ATL & NUT.

Ticket price includes: buffet and welcome drink plus live music from 'Strangers in Trainers' (excellent covers band fronted by teacher Phil Teggert) We also have a performance from humorous feminist poet Janine Booth.

The Interpretation of Dreams

The interpretation of dreams

I dreamed last night of being chased
By enemies I could not see
I opened throttle as I raced
They kept on throwing things at me

I swerved round potholes, filled with dread
And drove as quickly as I could
Ensured my son was safe ahead
Rode three times round the neighbourhood

Planet Pantoum

Extinction Rebellion

Bring the cities to a standstill
We have to save the planet
Put apathy in landfill
Take fracking back and ban it

We have to save the planet
Speak urgently and clear
Take fracking back and ban it
Disarm the profiteers

Speak urgently and clear
For carbon-burn reduction
Disarm the profiteers
Let people run production


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