Marxist. Trade Unionist. Socialist-feminist. Author. Poet. Speaker. Tutor. RMT ex-Exec. Workers' Liberty. Autie. Bi. PUFC fan.

My Poems

Having written and performed as The Big J in the 1980s, Janine started again in 2014, after a brief interlude of around a quarter of a century.

Froms sonnets to villanelles, limericks to ballads, the occasional rap and plenty of straightforward rants, serious and humorous and sometimes both, here is Janine's verse.

Janine's poems have been published in numerous poetry and other journals and websites, including Algebra of Owls, South Bank Poetry, the Daily Mirror, PUSH, Hour of Writes, Proletarian Poetry, Confluence Medway, Screaming Violets, Poetry24, Solidarity, Stand Up and Spit, Hastings Independent, Freedom, Women’s Fightback, the Morning Star, Rising and TenFootCity; and in anthologies Spies4Life, Poems for Jeremy Corbyn, Justice: Poems for Grenfell Tower.and Ashes to Activists

Free Zhang Zhan!

Submitted by Janine on 28 December 2020 at 21:39

China jails citizen journalist for Wuhan reports

Four years in jail for citizen reporter
Who spread the news from virus-struck Wuhan
Her mother cries in court to lose her daughter
She showed the world the sickness, did Zhang Zhan
So ominous the charges that they brought her
For breaking China’s free expression ban
Their stricken morals under smoking rubble,
‘Picking quarrels and provoking trouble’

Reprise Her

Submitted by Janine on 26 December 2020 at 10:01

After Liza Radley by Paul Weller


While others despise her, Liza
that’s short for Elizabeth – Radley,
I madly admire her, I see
her dance and I yearn for the
stance and the world of the girl
labelled wrong, who has grown with
a mind of her own and I long
not to be scared and to dare to do that with my hair.

Triolet: Rewilding

Submitted by Janine on 28 November 2020 at 20:43

We must rewild this island
with lynxes, wolves and bears
From lowland up to highland
We must rewild this island
in waterways and dry land
with beaver dams and lairs
We must rewild this island
with lynxes, wolves and bears

Triolet: Grab That Jab

Submitted by Janine on 27 November 2020 at 10:19

Stick that needle in my arm

And get me safe and vaccinated

Hush the waves of false alarm

Stick that needle in my arm

Protect the herd from virus harm

Stay cool and keep refrigerated

Stick that needle in my arm

And get me safe and vaccinated