Off Your Knees

Keep politics out of sport
Black lives may matter
but all that matters here
is the score

Keep politics out of football
because standing up for the national anthem 
is not political
but kneeling for it is

Keep politics off the pitch
Offence and defence 
are matters for the field of play
not for the field of struggle

Borough Till I Die

I was pleased to be invited by Dulwich fan Mishi​ to write a Posh-supporting poem for the forthcoming Dulwich vs #pufc friendly.
So here it is. It's in 4-4-3 formation. ;-)
Up The Posh​!

Online Launch: Football is Poetry

JB in PUFC scarf
27/10/2021 - 19:30

Football is Poetry is a 48 page poetic football sticker book | Compiled and edited by Mark Coverdale & Owen Collins | Illustrated by Mark Coverdale | Featuring: Attila the Stockbroker, Matt Abbott, Andrew Blair, Simon Blood, Janine Booth, Rob Casey, Owen Collins, Mark Coverdale, Rick Dove, Maria Ferguson, Kevin P.

Cup Final Conundrum

On the occasion of the 2016 FA Cup final between Manchester United and Crystal Palace:​

Who to cheer today at Wembley's meeting?
One club sent us down with flukes and cheating
The other's filthy rich and so elitist
My position? Revolutionary defeatist



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