Labour Party


I vote Conservative -
That's the last time 
I tell you.
The reds would wreck the country.
I don't believe that
Austerity is wrong.
Scroungers and skivers
Are the real
Problem. The Conservatives
Will tackle the economic
Mess Labour left. Taxing the rich
Punishes wealth creators. Stop blaming the
Millionaires, attacking hard-working people. 
Sod the

The Centre Ground

A prized plot of land is the centre ground
Where a sizeable crop of electors is found
Fierce turf wars are waged for its title deeds
For the rights to the lease and to sowing one's seeds
On the centre ground

Fence Sitter

They're cutting help to those in need - 
What case to vote against?
This is a tricky one indeed 
I'm staying on the fence

Scrap targets for child poverty?
My mind is wracked with doubt
Perhaps, no - maybe, probably -
I'm sitting this one out

Poetry in the House - Grantham Labour Election fundraiser

Vote Labour
05/04/2019 - 19:30

Venue: 32 New Beacon Road, Grantham, NG31 9JX

Join us for an evening of performance poetry from the excellent Janine Booth and her work 'Mostly Hating Tories'. + quiz + music and singing + food

Tickets £10 on the night. Please bring something to drink and let us know via the Facebook event if you intend to come and any dietary requirements.


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