Hating Tories

Freudian Slip

When he answered that councillor's question
  He let out a Freudian slip
When he argued for wages exemption
  It wasn't a gaffe or a blip
When his Lordship said disabled workers
  Should get by on two quid an hour
No, he wasn't just acting the jerk as
  Though he'd just come down in a shower

Mostly Hating Tories

What shall I do on this fine day?
There's so much on my list
A mix of work and rest and play
I'm sure you get my gist
And maybe I'll compose a rhyme -
But my unwritten law is
That every day I'll spend my time
Mostly hating Tories.

Lost Consonant

Iain Duncan Smith, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions - and therefore chief benefit-cutter and witchhunter of disabled people and other claimants - and Conservative MP for Chingford, where his predecessor was the equally loathsome Norman Tebbit:

Poetry in the House - Grantham Labour Election fundraiser

Vote Labour
05/04/2019 - 19:30

Venue: 32 New Beacon Road, Grantham, NG31 9JX

Join us for an evening of performance poetry from the excellent Janine Booth and her work 'Mostly Hating Tories'. + quiz + music and singing + food

Tickets £10 on the night. Please bring something to drink and let us know via the Facebook event if you intend to come and any dietary requirements.

No Hope for Chope

I fancied some titilating photos
   so I went on an upskirting hunt
I didn't really care about consent,
   that's if I'm being blunt
I came across Sir Christopher
   and thought I'd have a punt
I'd capture a peek of his private parts,
   I'd chortle and I'd grunt
It seemed to me a great idea, 
   a harmless and witty stunt
But what was the image my camera showed?


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