Poems and ponderings on the health crisis that hit the world in early 2020.

Pick For Britain

basket of apples

Britain needs pickers
We have a picking drought
Particularly since we’ve kicked our usual pickers out

So pick yourself up
and dust yourself down
Pick up a lift heading out of your town

Here’s your harvest
basket – fill it!
Harnessing the wartime spirit!

Dig for Britain
saw us through
Let’s pick to fight off Covid too!

Coronavirus Has Caught Bolsonaro

Jair Bolsonaro

He was socially close, untamed, unmasked

His magic medicine uncasked

He didn't care so he never asked


He'll brush it off, he's so athletic

The tough guy, leading man aesthetic

No chance it makes him empathetic


He'll rise above like Kilimanjaro

Always survive like the Cult of Skaro

Covid can't hurt Bolsonaro


Lesser beings must feel jealous


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