Wherefore Art Thou, Capitalism?
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Milton Friedman

No-one’s saying leave it to the markets
No-one’s claiming competition’s key
That stockbrokers will lead us from the darkness
None are sneering now at stuff for free

No-one says that laissez-faire will sort it
No-one argues we’ll be saved by greed
None declare just those who can afford it
Should get the test or get the care they need

No-one says we need more speculators
And no-one’s calling care workers unskilled
No-one waits for private ventilators
No-one thinks compassion should be billed

None contend the rich should keep their fortunes
Instead of sharing wealth for common good
No-one says they wouldn’t pool resources
And help the sick and frightened if they could

No-one says it’s fine to charge your damnedest
Supply will match demand and set the prices
None pronounce that mutual aid is madness
No-one trusts a banker in a crisis

So where are Adam Smith and Milton Friedman?
Where’s triumphant capitalism hiding?
Where’s the Wealth of Nations when you need them?
Tell the Stock Exchanges when you find them

But keep your guard for when the crisis passes
And profit-praisers raise their voice anew
When corporate beggars claim their place as masters
Remember solidarity got us through

Tell them that we won’t go back to serve them
Tell them profit damages our health
Share the riches for we all deserve them
And build a democratic commonwealth




Image: Milton Friedman

Credit: http://reason.com/blog/2012/07/31/vid-happy-100th-birthday-to-milton-fried