Top Fades and Patterns
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Man outside barber shop in Manchester

This poem was written in response to this photograph, for a collection of poems inspired by photos taken in Manchester, compiled by Flapjack Press.


Standing outside, he is
touting for business
Guys in the doorway
show he'll do it your way
Gradients matter
Top fades and patterns

Painting with partings
an artist of talent
A scalp for a canvass
he's sculpting an aura
like rings around Saturn
Top fades and patterns

A shop made to flatter
to drop by and fraternise
Sharpening the blade
to sharpen your looks
Crop, shave and flatten
Top fades and patterns

Posters are peeling
scissors are steeling
The smell of the gel
competes with the street
Stop, braid and scatter
Top fades and patterns

Blockades and battens
Top fades and patterns