Thumbs Down To Fingerprinting
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London Underground cleaners are refusing to use new biometric machines to book on for work, seeing this as a threat to their civil liberties.

I clean your station, pits and cess
Blood, sweat, tears - and other mess
Morning, evening, night and day
Filthy work for rubbish pay
You can have my toil for an eight-hour stint
But you can not have my fingerprint.

Book on for work with a shift ahead
Of shifting scum for my daily bread
I'll sign my name and phone my boss
But there's a line I will not cross
You can lock me out and stop my pay
But you can not have my DNA.

Crucible, Prisoner, person not stat
Orwell's having none of that
It's us alone, but others next
Touched the screen, seen the text
You can have my labour for your wealth
But you can not have my total self.
You take our labour for your wealth
But we won't let you take our total self.