Striking Oil
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Written in support of the current North Sea strike ...

Strike oil
Strike it rich
But the market hit a hitch
And when the bottom falls out
Of the price of a barrel
Then the bosses get out
The hair shirt apparel
Not for them
But for us
They say "Don't make a fuss
Or we'll cut even more jobs
Than we've already cut
Accept these attacks
Without a commotion
Or we'll drive back your livelihoods Into the ocean"

Strike oil
Liquid gold
Or so we were told
Now the gold's turned to sand
But they still give the top dog
His six hundred grand
Strike it lucky for some
So it seems
In the oilfield of dreams

Strike through the balance
The profit amount
In the red or the black
But they didn't account
For the workers deciding
On fighting back
Stopping the flow
Striking a blow
Striking a light
For our wages and rights
Unite, RMT
In the North Sea

Strike oil
Struck out
This strike is about
Our right to a living
The market's not giving
Shell sells shares
Wood would if it could
Strike out the plan
For more weeks and less pay
Overtime ban
Then no work for a day

Strike one
Strike two
Strike three and you're out
No ifs and no buts
Strike down the pay cuts


Audio file: Listen to OilStrike.m4a by Janine Booth #np on #SoundCloud