Stop Israel Railways Sacking Arab Workers
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In March 2009, Israel Railways, a state-owned company, launched a new policy denying employment to railroad crossing guards who have no permit to carry weapons - that is: who have not served in the Israeli army. This policy will lead to the lay-off of the approximately 150 Arab railway workers who monitor and maintain Israel's level crossings. You can read more about this here.

I sent this message in support of the appeal against this, followed by a message signed by many RMT reps.

I utterly condemn the attempt by Israel Railways to drive Arab workers out of their jobs. This is both racist and an attack on the right to work. On London Underground, we are currently waging a battle against 1,000+ job losses and against the super-exploitation of ethnic minority, migrant workers in the cleaning grade.

Our fight against job losses and racism is the same as yours. I have confirmed today with our General Secretary, Bob Crow, that RMT has tabled this issue for discussion at the Executive meeting of the International Transport Workers' Federation, which meets tomorrow and Friday. Solidarity!

Janine Booth
RMT London Transport Regional Council