Stealth Aspies in Brighton
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Wednesday, March 21, 2018 - 20:00 to 23:00

Venue: Hotel Pelirocco on Regency Square

Stealth Aspies is a truly unique & exciting piece of performance as Stealth Aspies are the first company of diagnosed autistic performers/poets sharing snapshots from stories of the lives of other autistic adults, from late diagnosis experiences to poetry written and read by established & published autistic (and ‘Aspie’) poets.
The show was well received at Edinburgh Fringe 2017 and will be at Brighton & Edinburgh Fringes this year. This is a one-off performance at the gorgeous Hotel Pelirocco in Brighton.
The Stealth Aspies are...

Paul Wady, performer & writer of Guerilla Aspies (the book and show) and founder of Stealth Aspies
Alain English, published poet, actor and Stealth Aspies original member 
Sarah Saeed, actress, singer, performs as Marianna Harlotta (comic opera creation) and founder of Lava Elastic...neurodiverse comedy/performance night 
And of course Janine Booth, published prolific poet and co-writer of Labour’s neurodiversity manifesto (amongst other things) 

It’s free on the door, but donations are welcome