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Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that.
How awful.
I don't know what to say.

At least they caught it early.
Oh, they didn't?
Well, I'm sure you'll still be OK.

My friend's got that.
She's having chemo -
Head down the toilet all day.

My mum had that. They gave her a year.
That was sixteen years ago -
She's still here!

My sister had that. She ignored it and it spread
Until it was too late.
She's dead.

Turmeric. Vitamins. Crystals.
No sugar. And filter your water -
There's a website by some guy ...

You'll be fine, you're a fighter -
Because Spitfires never get shot down, 
And boxers never die.
Do they?

Oh you poor thing.
You must cancel everything and rest.
It's for the best.

Sit down. I'll get you a tea.
No, no, I'll do that.
Don't you worry. Leave it to me.

Is that OK?
Are there any 
Right words to say?