Ode to a Second Royal Pregnancy
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It is incumbent on poets to compose verse to mark royal occasions. So here is my effort concerning the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's announcement that one is expecting:

Radio Four is deeply concerned
The lady next door has recently learned
The worrying news that she's pregnant again
How will she cope with the stress and the strain?

On today's Woman's Hour, the subject of debate
(Where we are the subjects - of William and Kate)
Is how will the Duchess manage to juggle?
She can't wave a wand, she's merely a Muggle
And two tiny toffs are a drain on the budget
Times could be tough, however you judge it

But I doubt that we'll see them at food banks at all
Or rummaging jumble at the local church hall
Or waiting in line for the benefits guy
Cos their money's been stopped and they've no idea why
Or what they will do til the money comes through
Avoiding the landlord cos the rent's overdue

I'm sure that some people will kindly donate
To the cost of the progeny of William and Kate 
Some do so willingly, and wilfully ignore
The far greater need much nearer their door
The rest of us less so; deducted at source
We can't afford much, but this? But of course!

Born into riches before they can toddle
With an army of servants, it's surely a doddle
But I have to admit, I'm a little confused
Regarding the matter of the government's views
I thought that they thought if you live off the state
You ought to abstain and not procreate