Labour Heartlands
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Isn't this a heartland too?
We have poundshops, pawnshops, boarded-up shops
and industries replaced by social services
We too have schools with leaking roofs
and youth in gigs and gangs and anguish

Isn't this a heartland too?
We have hearts and we have lands
Hearts that beat on rundown streets
and lands blemished with landfill
and corporate-municipal scandal

Isn't this a heartland too?
We are also ignored, neglected
deplored, rejected
We have always elected
those who say they speak for
those who labour and struggle
Even when they don't do it very well
our red wall still stands

Isn't this a heartland too?
Or are we too metropolitan?
Too diverse and cosmopolitan?
Too green and too keen to remain?

Working class is not a skin colour
It doesn't always live where it was born
It doesn't drink only in pubs
and never in coffee bars
It isn't just traditional
or static or monolithical

Isn't this a heartland too?
It's Liverpool, it's Hackney
a call centre, a factory
It's Cardiff, Leeds and Nottingham
red patches on a diagram

Two hearts beat as one
is a cliché and a cheesy song
But let us bring two heartlands together
and not leave one to grieve and suffer
in trying to retrieve the other

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