I Will Be With You, Whatever
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I'll be with you though peaceful options haven't been exhausted
I will be with you crushing life with military forces
I'm with you, George, through desert, storm and flood
I'm with you to the final drop of someone else's blood

Oh George, be sure I have your back, we'll raze the land together
Dear George, know I will be with you whatever

I'm with you though my party faces yours in opposition
I'll be with you and not with those who live with our decisions
I'll be with you, which means I'll be against
The working class whose interests I'm supposed to represent

I won't give in to protests, facts or arguments, no never
Be reassured I'll be with you whatever

I say this not to workers nor the sick nor to the youth
I won't be with the rent-a-mob which calls out for the truth
I won't be with the fight against oppression
I'll be your wingman in your foul imperialist aggression

I'm with you with a bond that no mere principle can sever
I promise I will be with you whatever