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Hope is Safe

Submitted by Janine on 24 May 2017 at 09:49

I have a friend from my Manchester days whose daughter Hope lives there ...

Hope's mum tweets
That Hope is safe
Not at the Arena
Not a fan
Too busy sweating
Her exams
Hope texted mum at six twenty-nine
Hope is fine

Hope's mum's relieved
But still bereaved
For all the others
At death-cult murder perpetrated
In the name of god

Life stopped
Opened up like Pandora's box
Others flew
The twenty-two
A city stained
But Hope remained
Hope's OK
Lives to fight another day

As Orwell wrote
If there is Hope
It lies with the proles
Those souls who drove
Their cabs all night for free
Ambulances to casualty
Working in accident, emergency
Practical solidarity
Some saved, some lost
Through the night
Hope's alright

Hope is safe
Keep the faith
Keep on keeping on
Until the world is won
Hope survives
Let us rise

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