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Free Zhang Zhan!

Submitted by Janine on 28 December 2020 at 21:39

China jails citizen journalist for Wuhan reports

Four years in jail for citizen reporter
Who spread the news from virus-struck Wuhan
Her mother cries in court to lose her daughter
She showed the world the sickness, did Zhang Zhan
So ominous the charges that they brought her
For breaking China’s free expression ban
Their stricken morals under smoking rubble,
‘Picking quarrels and provoking trouble’

“Maybe,” she says, “I have a rebel soul”
And so refuses food while she’s detained
To document the truth’s this writer’s role
No-one is free while journalists are chained,
Restrained from speaking out to press their goal
To spread the word so understanding’s gained
A fitting laurel for this broken bubble,
‘Picking quarrels and provoking trouble’

But surely this is how all progress comes?
From arguing the toss and trouble-making
Exchanging views and beating battle drums
That get the overlords of power quaking
We’ll take the bakery not just the crumbs
Demand Zhang Zhan is freed, the jail door breaking
So kick some cobbles and unyoke this struggle
Go pick some quarrels and provoke some trouble

Let’s kick the cobbles and unyoke this struggle
Go pick some quarrels and provoke big trouble