Factual Report: RMT AGM 2009
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Here is a summary of what happened, with the highlighted words providing links to articles on the RMT London Calling website that give more details. To read some of the linked articles (the more controversial stuff that was discussed in 'closed session'!), you will need to be logged in to that website (for which you need to be an RMT member and have registered an account).

I've tried to be as factual and unbiased as possible, but this is my personal report, so it is from my point of view, and does not cover every single thing that happened at the AGM! You can read my rather more subjective, political report here. Other delegates are welcome to post their own reports.

  • The first business that the AGM discussed was resolutions from RMT's equality conferences.
    • The AGM passed the two resolutions from RMT's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Members' Conference; the first, demanding an end to the deporation of LGBT foreign nationals, saw LT region young member Adrian Rowe outline the issues to the AGM; the second, 'Proud History', was moved very effectively by our Regional Council President Vaughan Thomas.
    • Finsbury Park branch delegate Glenroy Watson successfully moved a resolution from the Black and Ethnic Minority Members' Conference asking for the union to send a larger delegation to the TUC Black Workers' Conference;
    • TfL no.1 branch delegate Linda Wiles successfully moved a resolution from the union's Women's Conference condemning human trafficking.
    • Two resolutions from the Young Members' Conference were also passed.
  • The AGM passed several other resolutions moved by branches from our region, including: the People's Charter, council housing, asbestos, equality in society and the workplace (Bakerloo), civil liberties, pensions, unemployment and precarious work, migrant workers (LU Engineering), jobs and the economic crisis (TfL no.1)
  • Other resolutions from branches in our region were not voted on as they were considered to be "covered" by other resolutions. Some delegates have concerns about this way of doing things.
  • The AGM voted to continue the union's opposition to Israel's oppression of the Palestinians, and its commitment to an independent Palestinian state alongside Israel, but to reverse one aspect of the policy passed last year and advocate a boycott of Israeli products. The resolution was passed 43-19, with some of our Region’s delegates voting and speaking for, some against.
  • Michael Livingstone, of Piccadilly and District West branch, was presented with the John Cogger Young Member Award.
  • In order to ensure that the union's Orphan Fund could meet its responsibilities, the AGM voted to re-allocate funds away from the national Disputes Fund. I expressed concern about this and asked the Executive to consider alternative means of fundraising for the Dispute Fund.