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DMWs Driving History

Submitted by Janine on 08 January 2018 at 14:34

When history tells of mighty kings
Who's working wonders in the wings?
Fighting battles, changing things?
Disaffected Middle-Aged Women!

In 1848 they came
To Seneca Falls to stake their claim
Mature and bolshy, never tame -
Disaffected Middle-aged Women!

Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth
Beyond the bursting buds of youth
Fighting slavery nail and tooth - 
Disaffected Middle-aged Women!

Rent strike leaders, both called Mary
Barbour, Laird, made landlords wary
Aged forty, fifty, loud and lairy -
Disaffected Middle-aged Women!

The Tsar ruled Russia with fisted hand
Had rebels killed and protests banned
Who marched for bread and peace and land?
Disaffected Middle-aged Women!

When factory workers did not like
Their bosses, did they whinge and skrike?
Who was it led the Grunwick strike?
Disaffected Middle-aged Women!

Since Donald Trump's assumed the throne
A grassroots protest movement's grown
And most of them - a study's shown -
Are Disaffected Middle-aged Women!

For sure, some blokes were there as well 
And young and old made numbers swell
But y'know who made these battles tell?
Disaffected Middle-aged Women!