Clap for Carers
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Claps at windows
Claps at doors
Claps with power and verve
Wave on wave
of loud applause
our care workers deserve

Applause spread fast
round our estate
Applause saw us unite
Applause lets us
the ones who lead this fight

Claps ring through
the evening air
Claps are on the BBC
Claps show them
how much we care
But workers need their PPE

Applause is strong
Applause is good
from isolation cages
We'd keep on clapping
if we could
applaud them better wages

Boris Johnson
claps and waves
Hancock hails them heroes
But Tory leaders
froze their pay
and pegged their rise at zero

Applause fills streets
and shakes the trees
Applause with warm sincerity
But hospitals
are on their knees
from a decade of austerity

Claps for workers
night and day
who need more than our charity
Let's march in millions
when we may
And strike in solidarity