Autism Bewareness Month
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Welcome to our month of Autism Bewareness
No demands for equal rights or fairness
Reshaping round holes into squareness
You'll miss the point if you are careless

For it's our charity's consensus
That those afflicted are defenceless
We want a cure not independence
Please help us meet our great expenses

Dig deep for our month of Autism Scaredness
When diagnosis means despairness
The tragic tales of disordered parents
Damned to lives of pained forbearance

In April we will light it blue
Well-meaning bulbs don't send to you
Illumination but dejection
A single colour not a spectrum

- Autism's not a cataclysm
- It's time for Autism Speaks to listen
- To the sound of autism activism
- Our lives, our voices, our decisions

- And the more we speak, the more will suss
- That Autism Speaks doesn't speak for us