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Anti-Vax Parallax

Submitted by Janine on 03 September 2021 at 15:39

Blocking folk from getting jabs
Harassing working people 
Spouting endless bafflegab
While calling others sheeple

Sharing psychobabble memes 
Spurning free protection
This is off so many beams
This isn't insurrection

I too don't trust authority
I want to smash the system
But this is not a just minority
This is not resisting

This isn't societal improvement 
This isn't sound debate
This is not a counter-movement
But a harmful counterweight 

A shabby counterfeit of science
Dressed up in rebel clothes
That glories pointless non-compliance
And doles out body blows

I'll protest, I want scrutiny
I love a demonstration
But this is not a mutiny
It's mutual flagellation 

Of course I loathe the iron fist
Of course there's power in wealth
But this isn't anti-capitalist
This is anti-health

Seeing Machiavellian
Plots that sow confusion 
This is not rebellion
It's poisonous delusion

Champions of superstition
Shot with holes and flaws
They're on an anti-medical mission
Rebels with a rubbish cause