Blog: The Big J vs The Big C

Making the breast of a bad situation ...
On 4 October 2016, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. This blog will chart my progress through treatment, and continued enjoyment of life, love and friendship.
​Expect humour, irreverance, occasional sadness, and staunch defence of the National Health Service.
​Btw, that picture is not me. :-)

Bored Now: Post-Op Weeks 2 and 3

OK, so the novelty has worn off now, and sitting round recovering is beginning to, erm, get on my tits.

The big long wound is healing very slowly. The other wound, under my armpit, has a stubborn sore patch next to it. Eight days after the surgery, it was Booby Tuesday again, so I had another walk up to the GP's surgery to have the dressings changed again, and get some advice on what to do.

Post-Op Week One

Back home from the hospital on the very (Mon)day that I had the operation, I felt remarkably cheery and pain-free. Obviously the anaesthetic hadn't worn off fully.

Dates at Last

1 November, and it's Booby Tuesday again. Today, I will get the results of the biopsy on the second lump and the plan for treatment. After a lot of uncertainty, this is what I want.


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