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Guest poet: Phill Jupitus is Porky the Poet in 'Survivalve'

17/08/2017 - 12:30

As our world drifts inexorably towards an uncertain and troubling future, join Fringe regular Phill Jupitus in his stanza bandying guise ‘Porky The Poet’ for a delightful hour of verse, chat, and the Edinburgh specific daily ‘Ten Line Fringe’...

Plus a ten-minute guest slot from Janine.

Venue: Bannermans (Venue 357)



They sleep in mansions instead of tents
They never scale the perimeter fence
There's high-class bogs for the ladies and gents

Only the rich elite may come
Get orf their land, you common scum
Tarquin's squiffy on a shot of rum

So tell us a true-blue campfire story
It's better than bloody Jackanory
The tales that are told of GlastonTory

My Love Loves the River Lea

My love loves the River Lea
Discovered in recovery
Visits uncover mystery
On trips with children one, two, three
Took looks and books and maps and found
His sanctuary, his way around
Walking Summer at Rammey Marsh
Fetch the ball tossed in the grass
A cup of tea and a water tub
At the café by the rowing club

Night Tube

It’s pushing two o’clock
And Julie and Sue
Are heading home after pogoing to
A Buzzcocks tribute band
They wear the brand
Got the T-shirt, got the buzz
Fallen in love
Probably shouldn’t have
Their youngests are old enough
To be out with mates
Or out on dates
So their mums can stay out late
It’s one of those nights
What do I get? Love bites.


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