I asked because I didn't know
I stayed because I couldn't go
I told because I couldn't show
I wilted when I couldn't grow
Said yes because you won't take no
I'm high because I can not cope with low

RMT Disabled Members' Weekend

16/03/2018 - 14:00

Janine will be tutoring this two-day course at the union's National Education Centre in Doncaster. The course is open to disabled RMT members, is fully funded by the union, and will explain how the union works and how disabled members can get more involved..

The Fading of Pain

Yesterday was my first day without painkillers since my hysterectomy twelve days before. Whoop. Not my first day without pain, note, but my first day without pain that had to be killed.

Moreover, the previous day saw my wound dressings removed, with no replacement needed, and permission given by the practice nurse to have a bath! I have celebrated by having several baths every day since. (That might be an exaggeration.)

Harvey is a Sex Addict

Harvey Weinstein is an addict
Harvey, he just has to have it
Harvey's checked into a clinic
Not convinced? You heartless cynic
Harvey can not help himself
Please pray for Harvey's failing health


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